The Chatbot Tool Kit and Markup Language


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Which Chatbot is Better, Internet or Computer Based ?

Chatbots can be divided into two groups.  The first
group is Internet Based, which uses web development.
For example ASP.NET, HTML, Java, JavaScript, MySQL,
Perl, PHP, Python, SQLite, XML, and the list goes on. 
What sets these apart, is that they are not compiled. 
Rather, they are interpreted scripts.

The second group of chatbots is Computer Based. And,
these are compiled, into stand alone executable 
programs.  Programming Languages used in this group
include C Language, C++, Assembly Language, COBOL,
FORTRAN, Prolog, LISP, and the list goes on.

An advantage of an Internet Based Chatbot is that it
interacts with more people. Another advantage may be
that is it usually easier to program. A disadvantage 
would be that it has reduced computational power.

An advantage of a Computer Based Chatbot is that it
is faster and has greater computational power. Yet,
it is generally more difficult to write code. While,
a disadvantage, would be that it has far less contact 
with the world.

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